How Elementor argues their misleading marketing.

First of all: Yes, I could have looked better and found those 250 one-star reviews, their average Trustpilot ranking that both clearly say that I’m about to get in touch with a … funny … business. But you know, as a marketer I know how easy it is to fall for good marketing ;)

Last weekend Elementor had a “birthday sale”. I’ve been avoiding Elementor for all this time, liking all other page builders more: Divi, Oxygen and Brizy. But I had to take over sites other agencies developed, so I decided to give it a try. When their birthday sale was announced this is how the pricing page looked like:

Pretty sweet deal there, right?

Nice, a solid -20% discount for the Expert level that costs me US$159/year. I didn’t need that many licences yet, but you know, better lock in your discount!

So, question to you, readers: Do you see any information on this page that this actually is NOT $159/year but a one-time $40 discount? Would you after reading that page know that you actually have to consult their FAQ to get an understanding of the pricing? I have no idea what the FAQ said at the time of my purchase, but it seems to me like this pricing page is just … misleading? Could you call this a lie?

Well, didn’t think much, purchased and after the purchase I noticed the renewal was set to US$199 for the next year. So I thought there must be some kind of error and wrote their support. But this is how they argued that everything is how it’s supposed to be:


Really, Elementor? Are you really saying that I should question any pricing you have on your website and assume the information you are presenting is a lie? You need a FAQ to explain your pricing? You actually expect your customers to generally not believe you and check the FAQ about details of your pricing?

Elementor wants you to assume they are lying.

I have no idea why a company would want to act like that.

Well, I asked for a refund, at least their “30-day money back guarantee” doesn’t seem to be a lie. But reading all those 1-star reviews gives me the impression that I just made a case they couldn’t argue against.

And for me I’ll happily build websites going forward in everything but Elementor!